Door Face Plates

Door face plates are used between the door and the doorknobs. They also create a protection for the door and hold the knobs securely in place.  Door plates  are placed on each side of the door. They provide an elegant look to make both the door and doorknobs pop. You can also match your door plates or use different plates on each side to create a unique look in each room. Historically they were both mixed and matched.

We carry antique and salvaged door face plates in every shape and style. Our door plates are original antique pieces. They are meticulously cleaned to bring out the beautiful detail while preserving the original patina. We have small door plates typically used on bathrooms, pantries, attics, closets or screen doors. Standard sized door plates will usually cover a modern door hole cutout and can be used to give modern doors unique character. We even carry oversized plates for exterior and even commercial doors. Traditional keyhole varieties, keyed entry, latch and more. Various patterns  and finishes are available.  Materials include steel, cast iron, brass and bronze.

Door face plate manufacturers include: Sargent, Corbin, Russell and Erwin, US Steel, Kenton, Barrows, Yale, Branford, Penn, Reading, Lockwood and more.

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