Plinths and Trim

We always have a selection of various wood plinths and wood trim from old houses. Plinths are the square or rectangular decorative elements that are placed at the corners of door or window framing.  Sometimes they mirror the trim design. Other times they have a bullseye, flower or other design carved in. Floor trim and door/window trim is available in a number of different designs and sizes. Decorative window and door toppers are also usually available.

Basic wood plinths as well as bullseye design and some decorative. Various sizes available. Fir and some hardwood. All original.

The designs and sizes on plinths and trim varied significantly. Much of it was made by local craftsmen, so they used whatever bits they had. Number and placement of lines, and even the form, size and intricacy of bullseyes were different in different houses. Height, thickness and width of the trim varied as well.  If you are attempting to match existing pieces in your home, be careful to get detailed measurements  and profiles of what you currently have in order to find the best possible match.

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