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Salvage Antiques Vintage Etc. is the retail front end for Canon City Architectural Salvage and so much more. Salvage Antiques Vintage Etc. is the result of a multi-year journey. My first house was built in 1918 and I spent 3 years remodeling it with no money and skills I had to learn along the way. In Ohio, 20 years ago, I would go to Habitat for Humanity and I was able to buy doors, hardware, claw foot tubs, windows and anything else I needed at a fair price. Door hardware was everywhere. Then suddenly, it disappeared. A few years ago, when we moved to Canon City, we needed a ball finial hinge pin and could not find one in the entire county. Just a few years before that we were trying to remodel a condo in the mountains and I wanted to have a feature wall with reclaimed, slightly rusty, corrugated metal. After searching all the Architectural Salvage stores in Denver I was not able to find a single sheet, and I needed at least 12.

How was this possible? I can’t be the only one who was needing old hardware for my house or reclaimed materials for a cool remodel. Why was there nobody specializing in Architectural Salvage in Fremont County? So, we started Canon City Architectural Salvage 6 months after moving here. We started in retail doing flea markets, antique and craft shows and with multiple booths in antique malls. It didn’t take us long to realize that our own retail space was needed.

In October of 2016 we opened our retail store in Florence, the Antique Capital of Colorado.

We purchased the 7000 sqft building at 208 W Main Street in Florence to house our growing collection of upcycled projects, architectural salvage and mid-century modern furniture. We sell what we love with a third of the store dedicated to Architectural Salvage, a third dedicated to Mid-Century Modern and Vintage furniture and décor. We have other vendors take up the final third of our building.

Our customers have come to rely on us for a well organized, wide selection of hardware and architectural salvage with the expertise to help with remodeling and restoration needs. We do not sell Mid-Century Modern furniture just because it is trendy but because we love it. Our house is furnished with vintage Herman Miller and Drexel Declaration along with local antiques and custom pieces we created. We live with what we have in the store.

Our name says what we have, our acronym, SAVE, tells you what we do. We SAVE neglected furniture by restoring well-made pieces that just need some love. We SAVE pieces of history. We save architectural elements from houses that are going to be torn down. We SAVE thousands of pounds of material from landfills each year. We SAVE property owners thousands in labor and trash service. We SAVE buildings by restoring them to their original glory and detail. And, we SAVE you money. This is a win for the environment, our salvage clients, our customers and for us. Please visit our store or contact us today.

Thank you,

Barna and Erin

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