How can you beat a finely crafted, solid wood piece of furniture! Antique craftsmanship cannot be beat. The beauty and quality of real, old wood cannot be reproduced by modern pieces. No matter how hard they try.

Although traditional antiques are not our specialty, when we come across a quality antique furniture piece that needs saving, we will save it. You can often find upcycled and refurbished pieces in the store created from furniture that could not be saved in its original form, but had potential to become something else. We also carry a variety of old legs that you can use to create your own unique piece.

We frequently have primitive pieces, old oak, mahogany, fir and others. Types  that we frequently come across include dressers, cabinets, chairs, hutches, desks, side tables, headboards, bookshelves, built-ins and hoosiers.

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