Antique keys are used on everything from doors to furniture, sewing machines, skates, clocks, padlocks and more. We have a variety of all of these.

Skeleton keys are most often used for doors. However, antique furniture keys can also be called skeleton. The furniture type are usually shorter and often have a hollow area in the tip for a prong. These are not “one type” fits all, and came in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are needing to fit a lock box you are buying it is best to purchase it when purchasing the lock box. This way we can test before sending out. We do draw the outline of the type that works with our lock boxes if we can find one. This is a good general size and shape guide. However, similar keys may or may not work.

Square shapes were often used for antique sewing machine cabinets or covers. The reverse, with a square opening, were often used for clocks and skates.

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