Antique and Salvaged Hardware

We have a huge selection of original antique and salvaged hardware of all types dating from the mod 1800s up to the 1950s. Door and window hardware, furniture hardware, hooks, latches, casters, and more. All of our antique salvaged hardware has been cleaned while leaving the original patina as intact as possible. Functionality of door locks, latches and other hardware has been tested and all are fully functional unless otherwise noted. Full door sets available including doorknobs, lock box, door plates or rosette escutcheons, strike plate, and even matched skeleton keys! All original unless noted as a reproduction. We also research our hardware and are able to identify makers, design name and date for most of our pieces. This makes it easier to match or identify hardware you may have in your house.

Our hardware is available in a number of different materials (brass, bronze, cast iron, steel, wood, composition, bakelite) and in a number of different finishes which reflect the options of the time.

We also have a small number of high quality salvaged reproduction hardware pieces available. These have been salvaged or found as new old stock.

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