Antique Black Enamel (Jet) Doorknob Set with Bronze Neck




Pair of black enamel doorknobs with bronze wrapped neck. Referred to as Jet, this type of doorknob was widely produced throughout the 1900s as a standard knob by man different companies. It was used with the most basic to the most decorative door plates. Usually made with a cast iron neck, the bronze wrap gives it a bit of flair. Comes complete with spindle that fits doors 2 3/4 – 3 1/2″ thick. If a different sized spindle is needed, please notify us. We may be able to accomodate different lengths.

Multiples may be available. Please contact us if needing more than what is listed.

This is an antique item and may show wear due to age. This may include scratches, pitting, patina, finish loss, rust or other general wear. We attempt to include any significant damage beyond regular wear within the description. We make every effort to clean as much paint, dirt and rust off of items while still leaving as much of the original patina as possible. Photos shown are of actual item you will recieve.

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