Salvage Job – Florence Pioneer Museum Kitchen

The Job: Florence Pioneer Museum Basement Kitchen

The Pioneer Museum in Florence Colorado contacted us to remove the unused old kitchen cabinets and sink in the basement. We were able to remove the cabinets in a couple hours but we were only able to save half of the cabinets in one piece. The rest had to be taken apart as boards.

Salvage Job – Old Garage in Canon City

The Job : Old Garage in Canon City

We were contacted about this salvage job where the owner of the property was working on a full remodel of the property but knew about us and wanted to make sure everything usable was saved. We salvaged several items that were in the garage including some cool cabinets with white paint and all the roofing, siding, windows and doors. The siding was well preserved under the stucco. Later the home owner also offers us the doors and windows that were removed from the house.

Salvage Job – Old Garage in Florence

The Job: An Old Garage

Our client asked us to remove his garage since it was not usable and they needed the space. Our team of 3 completely removed the entire structure in a day an a half without a nail being left behind. We got great structural beams, barn wood, a door, a couple barn doors and log cabin siding from this project.

Salvage Job – Garage with Workshop in Canon City

The Job: Old Garage with Workshop

Client contacted us because he wanted this building removed form his property. The metal sided and roofed garage also had nice barn wood under some of the metal, structural beams and a few other cool finds. We had to take multiple trips to complete this job. We got a couple types of corrugated metal, roofing metal, barn wood and large structural beams from this project. We had to battle snow, ice and lots of nails.

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