Mallory Wheeler Lock Box


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Mallory Wheeler Lock Box

Mortise lock box by Mallory Wheeler with brass face plate. Mallory Wheeler & Co. was an early company, running between 1834-1913. Marked M.W. Co. on box. The box measures 3 1/8″l x 3 3/4″h x 5/8″d. The front plate measures 5 1/2″h x 7/8″w.

We clean, oil and test all of our lock boxes to make sure that they are fully functional.

Please let us know if you need a key or strike plate to go with your lock box when ordering. We can find a key and strike plate that work with most of our lock boxes. Skeleton keys may be available and most basic (steel) strike plates are $7ea. It is a good idea to order these when ordering the lock box so that we can test them together and make sure that everything works together properly. The only way to know that a key works is to test it on the lock box.

This Mallory Wheeler Lock Box is an antique item and may show wear due to age. This may include scratches, pitting, patina, finish loss, rust or other general wear. We attempt to include any significant damage beyond regular wear within the description. We make every effort to clean as much paint, dirt and rust off of items while still leaving as much of the original patina as possible. Photos shown are of actual item you will receive. If multiples are ordered, additional photos will be sent for approval.

This item may be shippable.

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What if the latch faces the wrong direction?

Most lock boxes can be flipped to work for both right open and left open doors, so don’t worry about which way the latch goes-  it can be changed! Simply open the box cover with the screw on the front of the box part. Carefully remove the cover (things are under tension, so no quick movements!). I recommend taking a photo of the inside once it is open just in case anything shifts. Take the latch piece out, flip it around and replace in the same position. Make sure it still makes proper contact with the round piece that the doorknob twists. Replace cover, and you are good to go.

Need the latch to face the other way? Watch our video on how to switch antique lock boxes to be used on right or left swing doors here:

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Weight 14.7 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 4.5 × 1 in

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