208 W Main St, Florence, CO 81226
Architectural Salvage, Vintage and Mid-Century Modern, Antiques and Upcycled Products
We love architectural salvage. It started over a decade ago when I purchased my first house, built in 1912. I spent weeks searching through antique stores and Habitat for Humanity Restore Centers to find a certain tub, door or piece of trim. It took me 3 years to restore and remodel my first house but I never stopped searching for cool things for my home.
Over the years prices went up and quality went down. Long gone are the days of affordabe antique or vintage doors and hardware.

When we lived in Denver, Colorado we visited the local Architectural Salvage stores and Habitat Restore centers as I remodeled several properties in Lakewood.  Variable hours and the weather often made it difficult to find what we really needed. In 2014 we moved to Canon City, Colorado into a 1920's house. After visiting all of the local antique stores and Habitat Restore Centers I was still not able to find one hinge that matched the hinges in my house. Once again I was longing for the stores of the past where ball finnial hinges were cheap and plenty.

Not soon after my failed attemp to buy a hinge, that I used to easily be able to find, we started Canon City Architectural Salvage. This year we finally outgrew our 2000 sqft workshop and had to find a suitable retail location. We purchased 208 W Main St in Florence, CO so we can expand our offerings and bring them to market in a space large enough to house all the hardware and salvage we have.

Come visit our store to find that missing hinge for your home. We have exterior doors, interior doors, screen doors, windows, window screens, door locks, door face plates, door knobs, hinges, sandstone blocks, bricks, corrugated tin and steel, wood of all kinds, plints, decorative elements and a whole lot more.